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I'm starting to doubt if I should post this article after typing it. This article will show you a few days out of my life. On the 19th of December, my blog will be online for half a year. Because of that, I would like to show you what I've been up to the last half year.

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July 1, 2011
Starting on the first of July, my birthday. My friends came over and they gave me this great diary. The 'One line a day, a five year memory book'. I really loved this present. You're supposed to write in this book every single day. And because of my birthday, the first page of this book said: 'It's my birthday, we gonna party like it's my birthday!'. I had a great time with my friends that day.

July 12, 2011
Written on this page: Straks (om 0:00u) naar de première van het laatste deel van Harry Potter! Dan afscheid nemen van Tessa, I'm going to miss you! On the twelfth of July I went to the Première of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, with my friends Tessa and Daniëlle. I had to say goodbye for a very long time to Tessa right after the première. She went on a half year long trip to Australia for her education. It was hard to say goodbye to her, but she's coming back to Holland tonight! Can't wait to see her! 

July 17, 2011
Written on this page: Starten met een grote opruiming in mijn "nieuwe" slaapkamer. Binnenkort verhuis ik van Tilburg terug naar mijn ouders. On the seventeenth of July I was cleaning my room at my parents house. I used to live in a students house in Tilburg, but because of my new job, It wasn't easy to live in Tilburg anymore. Click on this link for more information about me leaving Tilburg. 

 August 3 and 4, 2011
Written on August 3, 2011: Okee, eerste dag begint goed. iPhone gestolen op vliegveld Dusseldorf. Gelukkig is het hotel wel heel gaaf. On the third of August, I went to Stockholm with my friends Laura and Daniëlle. Unfortunately, I lost my iPhone on the very first day. We were waiting to check in at the airport, when I found out my phone was missing. I've looked everywhere, but we couldn't find my phone. I immediately blocked everything on my phone. I felt terrible that day. On the fourth of August my friend Daniëlle received an e-mail, someone claimed to have found my iPhone. At first, I was a bit suspicious, why didn't they leave my phone at the information desk at the airport? But after sending a few e-mails, my father (who was still in Holland) picked up my phone. I'm still very grateful that the people who found my phone where such honest people. Written on August 4, 2011: iPhone is weer terecht! Hij ligt bij een mevrouw in Arnhem, Pfieuw. Stockholm is echt geweldig tot nu toe!

August 11, 2011
Written on this page: Ik voel mee heel rot, eenzaam. Niks lijkt te gaan hoe ik het wil. Ik voel me echt heel kut. Some days just nothing seems to go right. August 11 was one of those days. I just felt like shit, I felt lonely and I just couldn't really place this feeling. I can't exactly remember why I felt like this that day, but I guess it had something to do with a boy. 

August 19, 2011
Written on this page: Vandaag een typische baaldag. Tessa in Australië, Daniëlle bij Rob en Laura bij Chris. En ik? Ik ben gezellig alleen thuis. Yes, another shitty day. It was a friday afternoon, and I was just sitting in front of the television al by myself. My friends where not available to do anything fun. So I just felt really bored and lonely that day. I liked my life as a single lady, but sometimes it's just feels like crap to be alone.

September 2, 2011
 Written on this page: @#*@)!#*!& stomme pen doet het maar half. Yes, this was a very interesting day, haha. I wanted to write something on this page, but my stupid pen wasn't working. 

September 5, 2011
Written on this page: Happy Birthday Tessa. We miss you aan de andere kant van de wereld! *link naar een filmpje op youtube*. Tessa, my friend who stayed in Australia for half a year celebrated her 20th birthday on the 5th of September. Unfortunately, we couldn't be with her that day, but we wanted to congratulate her in person. That's why we made an awesome YouTube video for her. One of my friends didn't appreciate it if this video was posted on my blog, so I can't show you the video. I can tell you that Tessa was really happy with the video, and we had a lot of fun making the video for Tessa. 

September 24 and 25, 2011
Written on the first page: Om eerlijk te zijn ben ik vergeten te schrijven dit hele weekend. Ik weet ook echt niet meer wat mijn gedachtes enzo waren. Written on the second page: Voor meer informatie verwijs ik u naar de linker pagina. The weekend of September 24 and 25, I forgot to write in my diary. I couldn't remember what I was thinking about that weekend, so that's what I wrote down on these pages. 

October 4, 2011
Written on this page:  <3 Dancing <3. Every Tuesday, I have dance lessons. I'm in a dance class together with my friend Daniëlle. I really love dancing. I'm looking forward to every Tuesday! I'm not an amazing dancer, but I have fun dancing, and I think thats the most important reason for someone to dance. 

October 29, 2011
Written on this page: Bij Daniëlle blijven slapen. Was gezellig! Ben blij dat ik danielle als vriendin heb. Hoop dat dit nog lang zo blijft. I would like to dedicate this line to my friend Daniëlle. I'm really happy to have her as my friend. The crazy dances we do while going out, the serious conversations we sometimes have. Every single day she's there for me. She always offers to trow eggs at cars of boys who've hurt me. In short, Daniëlle, thank you for being my friend. 
Daniëlle is also a very active blogger, interested? Click here!

November 23, 2011
Written on this page: Okee, ik heb denk ik misschien wel een lichtelijke crush op mijn fitnessleraar, haha. Well, I don't think I need to explain this line. I exercise  about 4 days a week at a gym in my neighborhood. And well my instructor is really cute, haha. 

December 15, 2011
Written on this page: Vandaag gezellig met Jimmy naar Uden geweest. Daarna kerst gevierd met Oma. Today I went shopping with Jimmy (the instructor I told about on the page of November 23, 2011) in a village nearby. I like being with him. Afterward I went to my grandma, she's in a old-peoples home. The old-peoples home had arranged a special Christmas evening. It was really nice to see my grandma having lots of fun. 

Me, my grandma and my little brother

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  2. Wat een leuke post! Het lijkt me echt leuk om dat na x jaar terug te lezen.

  3. Leuke post! Lijkt mij inderdaad ook leuk om dit na een jaartje terug te lezen!
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