#PERSONAL: Happy B-day to me.

Hi Everyone,

I'm really really sorry. It has been such a long time since the last time I wrote you guys. But today, I feel like writing again, so here I am.

About two weeks ago (on the 1st of July), it was my birthday. And I really love birthdays. I would love to show you some of the gifts I got from my friends. I can't even tell which gift I loved the most. But the following picture shows my four favorite gifts:

my favorite birthday presents

The first written page in my memory book,
five more years to write (:
The first gift, that little blue book on the bottom of the picture. It's kinda like a diary, but you don't have to write an entire page. It's a one line a day memory book. One line to write for each day. I really love this book, because I'm really bad at keeping a diary. But one line a day, that's easy, even for me.

The second gift, a style book, not written by designers of famous stylists or not even written by celebrities. No, this book is written by bloggers. I agree with the first page of the book. Because of a few boys, girls, men and woman, who showed the word who they are, fashion is no longer under influence by famous designers. Recently the bloggers may be very well the most influential forces behind tomorrow's trends. I love the book, I love the pictures in the book.

I know my face looks stupid,
 but the hat is really amazing

The third gift is my new hat. I was searching for such a hat for days. But I never found one that I really liked. Or the one I liked was already sold out. Luckily my friend knew exactly what I wanted for my birthday. And I'm so in love with this hat.

And last but not least. A piece of fabric. I love making my own clothes. And about a month ago, I saw such a cute dress when I was shopping with my friend. But unfortunately, I didn't have any money to buy the dress. In the fitting room, I made about ten pictures of every detail of the dress. Saved them to my iPhone. Fabric is less expensive then a dress, That's why I decided to buy fabric instead of the dress. So I could make the dress myself. But because of my job, I never really had the time to buy some fabric. My friends were amazing, and they bought me some fabric for my birthday. The dress isn't ready jet, but I've made a start.

The dress of New Look that I liked

The making of my own dress

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